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Reckless Teen Driving can have BIG consequences


Recently, there have been two cases where individuals were charged with a crime due to injuries to passengers in their own cars when they drove recklessly without being intoxicated and drove while intoxicated.  Let’s address the legal ramifications of one-vehicle accidents.

In South Alabama, a 16 old girl was charged in the death of two high school basketball players who died as a result of her erratic driving.  She was not intoxicated, but was instead driving recklessly, passed someone improperly and was well over the speed limit. This young, inexperienced driver faces criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter for the deaths of her passengers.  Most young people and their parents do not know when they allow a teenage driver to drive others in their car that their teenager could be facing criminal liability for dangerous driving. All of us witness teens speeding through residential areas with carloads of their friends. If your teenager is driving recklessly and causes serious injuries to a passenger, your child may go to prison for vehicular homicide. This young girl who planned on attending the University of Alabama will now be facing a criminal trial for her freedom.

In these situations, a parent could also be charged both civilly and criminally if they entrusted the vehicle to a young driver knowing that child had dangerous propensities. It is clear that all of us with need to be aware that these drivers can not only cause severe injuries or death to others but they could actually ruin their future with a prison sentence.

The second case involved an intoxicated parent whose child was killed in an accident. In that case, the parent chose to drive while intoxicated with his young daughter in the vehicle. He had a wreck and was not hurt, but his daughter was killed. He is also being charged with vehicular homicide and faces extensive prison time.

The point of these cases is that if you or your teen drives while drunk or drive recklessly, the driver will be charged with a criminal offense if a person is killed or seriously injured due to their recklessness or intoxication. If your teenager seriously harms or kills a passenger in their vehicle while acting reckless behind the wheel, they can lose their freedom and be in jail for an extended period of time. I think most of us would be horrified to think our child could lose their freedom because of a situation like this. This is a conversation that all of us need to have with our teenagers. Our first step is to determine whether our young driver is mature enough to handle a dangerous vehicle while driving with other friends in their car.





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