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Will a Social Security Judge give me an immediate decision at the Disability Hearing?  Laura, Eldridge What happens at most Social Security Disability hearingsis that the claimant and their lawyer will participate in the hearing proceedings and, then, after the hearing has been concluded, both parties will wait a number of weeks to receive the administrative […]

Who gets my ex-spouses social security?

Q. I am 65 and currently receiving disability. Am I entitled to my ex-husband’s Social Security? Can you explain the process? ~ Divorced A. Exactly how it works will depend in part on both of your earnings histories. Generally, Social Security pays the highest monthly cash benefit for which a person qualifies at the time that he […]

Social Security Disability: Everything You Need to Know

Find out how much benefits are worth and how to apply for them. Anyone can become temporarily or permanently disabled. In fact, many experts believe that Americans in their 20s today have about a 30% chance of experiencing a disabling condition severe enough to cause at least three months of missed work before they retire. […]

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Medicare Plan

If you’re 65 or older and eligible for Medicare, it’s time to look at your plan for next year. The open-enrollment period runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, and if you want to make changes to your plan, this is your chance. During the open-enrollment period, you can switch from Original Medicare to a […]

Medicare premiums are going up next year. Here’s what you can expect to pay

The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B will be $135.50 in 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said on Friday. About 2 million Medicare beneficiaries — 3.5 percent — will pay less than the $135.50 premium for next year due to the “hold harmless” provision.  If you are covered by Medicare, take […]

Why a patient paid a $285 copay for a $40 drug

Insurance copays are higher than the cost of the drug about 25 percent of the time, Two years ago Gretchen Liu, 78, had a transient ischemic attack — which experts sometimes call a “mini stroke” — while on a trip to China. After she recovered and returned home to San Francisco, her doctor prescribed a […]

Automatic voter registration would help Alabamians with disabilities

Voting has always been an essential part of American culture. Seen as a civic duty and honor, voting is a right many Americans take for granted. For individuals with disabilities, voting does not come as easily. This analysis suggests that there are gaps in past voting behavior: 58 percent of disabled Americans voted in the […]

Can I collect Workers Comp AND Social Security Disability?

I was injured on the job about 18 months ago and have been receiving Worker’s Compensation. Unfortunately, I have now decided that I am just unable to work anymore and want to file for Social Security Disability. I was told by a fellow worker that if I received Worker’s Compensation that I could not draw […]

7 Things You Need to Know About Social Security Disability Benefits

One out of four of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before age 67, according to the Social Security Administration. In other words, the chance that you won’t be able to work until retirement age is greater than you may think. Fortunately, Social Security is a lot more than just a program to provide retirement income […]


FIVE REASONS YOU WILL WIN (OR LOSE) YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CASE Is there a way to know if I will win my Social Security Disability case?   Melody B., Jasper. Most people applying for Social Security Disability have a hearing before a judge. It is critical to understand how judges think when they approve claims. During […]


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