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Category Archives: Public Safety

5 Common Home and Car Mistakes Thieves Love

By some reports there are more than 700,000 vehicles stolen and almost 1 million cases of burglary in residences nationwide annually . And though those are sobering stats, the good news is there are simple and practical steps you can take to help prevent car and home burglaries. 1. Leaving your keys in the car […]

Summer Is Home Burglary Season: Is Your Home Safe?

It’s almost summer and that means barbecues, vacations, and … sadly, prime time for home burglaries. Every 15 seconds, a home is burglarized in the U.S. — mostly in July and August, when windows are more likely to be left open for ventilation and families go on vacation. And the best times of day? Often […]

Six Important Steps to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

1. Watch your accounts closely. Look for charges you don’t recognize. If you spot something strange, call your credit, debit, or prepaid card company or bank right away according to the advocacy division of Consumer Reports. 2. Consider getting new payment cards. If there was a breach with your debit, prepaid, or credit card, you may want […]

Social Security & Coronavirus

How can I stay updated about what SSA is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic? The latest information from SSA can always be found by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some answers to common questions* Note: This is an expert from a recent post on the Social Security Administration website.  You can read the […]

Tailgating, blocking and lane hogging: Motorists may be closer to the edge than they realize.

Can you imagine following someone so closely behind them that they can hear your breath? Would you outright bully another person in the queue at the coffee shop, or start shouting out loud if you’ve been waiting too long? Here is a fascinating look at driving psychology. These are all things that most of us […]

Social Engineering Scams are Far More Reaching Than Just Email

What is social engineering? In computing, social engineering refers to the methods cybercriminals use to get victims to take some sort of questionable action, often involving a breach of security, the sending of money, or giving up private information. These actions tend to go against our better judgment and defy common sense. However, by manipulating […]

Four Simple Ways to Avoid Porch Pirates

In 2018, there were 13 billion parcels shipped in the U.S. (according to Pitney Bowes). You read that right: BILLION. That’s a lot. What’s more, U.S. consumers were expected to spend a whopping $586 billion on ecommerce in 2019, up 14% from the previous year. And why not? These days, you can have virtually anything delivered […]

4 Ways to Make Halloween More Safe for Trick-or-Treaters

1. Create a wide, clutter-free walkway From floor-grazing capes to sight-shielding masks, many Halloween costumes put kids at risk of tripping and bumping into things. Same thing for gauzy white spiderwebs stretched over your sidewalk. They might look super cool, but when you consider the consequences of an over-decorated walkway, it’s worth it to stick […]

16 Random Things You Cannot Carry On To A Plane

The TSA’s list of items that are not carry-on approved is very interesting. Air passengers in the U.S. are generally aware of the usual items not allowed in carry-on bags ― guns, knives, liquids in quantities greater than 3.4 ounces. But even the most seasoned traveler may not know about some of the more seemingly […]

Safety tips for traveling with dogs

It’s a fact: dogs love car rides! A quick excursion to the grocery store or a long family trip across state lines can be a dog’s greatest adventure. They sit up, taking in the world around them, wagging their tails. Of course, dogs, like infants and kids, are your family members. And much like there’s […]


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