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Category Archives: Personal Injury

Six Reasons it Pays to Have a Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side

 If you are injured due to another person’s carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation for the harm you have suffered. You can pursue your claim on your own, but your chances of a successful outcome are improved if you enlist the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Here are 6 reasons it pays to have […]

When Injured Workers Choose Health Insurance Over Workers Compensation

A new study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) asks whether employees injured at work are more likely to file under workers’ compensation instead of group health insurance when their group health plan has a higher deductible. That’s interesting but it misses the real issue. The real question is why an injured worker would […]

Call a lawyer before you let an insurance company record anything!

My girlfriend had a car wreck in March.  The guy who caused the wreck’s insurance company wants to record her over the phone telling them about what happened, should she do it? NO. While you are obligated to cooperate with your own insurance company and give your own insurance company a statement, this does NOT require you to […]

While riding in someone else’s car, I was injured in an accident – what can I do?

You were a passenger in a car. The driver of that car caused an accident. You suffered personal injury. Now, the insurance company has denied your claim. Why? The insurance company says you cannot make a claim because of Alabama’s Guest Passenger Statute. Many people are not familiar with this Alabama law. It is an […]

Many enjoy outdoor activities in Alabama

Are you one of the many folks that enjoy outdoor activities in Alabama? Ever wonder who is legally responsible to keep you safe while you are out there? There is nothing better than getting away from the daily stresses of work and enjoying a peaceful hike. With the warmer weather and longer days here, many […]

My Neighbors Dog Bit Me!

  DOG BITE INJURIES ARE FREQUENT Homeowners’ liability insurance is an issue in many personal injury cases. Clearly, a huge percentage of personal injury cases are traditional automobile accidents covered by automobile insurance. Yet, many other claims involve different types of events triggering homeowners’ coverage. Our firm is currently handling several different types of injury […]

Five Things To Know If You Were Injured At A Walmart

Walmart is a worldwide retail powerhouse, earning a gross profit of over $124 billion in 2016 alone, reports Nasdaq.com. Many consumers shop at Walmart for its wide selection of products and low prices. While some customers get a great deal, others end up with serious injuries. Slip and falls, falling merchandise, and other accidents occur fairly […]

Top six causes for work-place fatalities

What are the most common causes of fatal occupational injuries? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 data, the six top causes of work-related deaths include: Transportation incidents Injuries due to workplace violence from people or animals Falls, slips and trips Contact with objects and equipment Exposure to harmful substances Fires and explosions As a lawyer […]

Can I get more than one settlement for an accident that was not my fault?

I had a car accident ten months ago.  I went to the ER and saw my family doctor a few times.  I felt better, so I took $2500 that the other driver’s insurance offered.  Now it looks like I am going to have surgery because of the accident. On top of that, Blue Cross is […]


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