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Six Reasons it Pays to Have a Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side

 If you are injured due to another person’s carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation for the harm you have suffered. You can pursue your claim on your own, but your chances of a successful outcome are improved if you enlist the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Here are 6 reasons it pays to have […]

If I receive unemployment, can I still file for disability?

I was denied social security disability because the judge said that I received unemployment. I didn’t have any choice other than to starve or live on the street if I didn’t get unemployment, but I was disabled with two herniated discs in my back and I am on oxygen for COPD. How can the Judge […]

5 Common Home and Car Mistakes Thieves Love

By some reports there are more than 700,000 vehicles stolen and almost 1 million cases of burglary in residences nationwide annually . And though those are sobering stats, the good news is there are simple and practical steps you can take to help prevent car and home burglaries. 1. Leaving your keys in the car […]

5 Simple Tips For Being a Good Neighbor

They’re there when you need someone to sign for your package or keep an eye on your home while you’re out of town. So how can you return the favor? Here are 5 great ways to make good neighborliness part of your DNA. 1. Create a Neighborhood Watch program Police officers can’t be everywhere, which […]

Tips For Keeping Your Backyard Pool Safe This Summer

As the weather heats up, many of us are busting out the bathing suits and sunscreen. But before you hit the deep end (feet first, please), take a few minutes to make sure your backyard pool is safe, and to refresh your memory on these lifesaving poolside safety measures. Secure your pool perimeter with a safety […]

What to know about transferring a car title

So, you’ve sold your car — or you’re buying a used one from a friend. You might think the transaction’s complete once the money changes hands. But there’s one more crucial step: you need to transfer the car title. When you buy, sell, give away, or receive a used car as a gift, the title […]

Is Drinking While Boating (or Biking) Legal?

We all know that drinking while driving is wrong. But when it comes to summertime fun, some people have questions about drinking safety for summertime vehicles. Check out what you should know before you go boating or biking. Boating while under the influence Think having a beer while driving a boat is harmless? Think again. […]

Summer Is Home Burglary Season: Is Your Home Safe?

It’s almost summer and that means barbecues, vacations, and … sadly, prime time for home burglaries. Every 15 seconds, a home is burglarized in the U.S. — mostly in July and August, when windows are more likely to be left open for ventilation and families go on vacation. And the best times of day? Often […]

What is My Case Worth?

In the early stages of a case, it is just about impossible for a personal injury lawyer to answer that question with any certainty because there are too many unknowns: What were the circumstances leading up to the accident? How were you involved in the accident? What is the extent of your injuries? How will your […]

How Adjusters Reduce Your Settlement

 1. USING AN ATTORNEY The claims representative may use an attorney to write an opinion letter stating that the claim is worth very little, if anything, when the claims representative has not submitted all the known facts to the attorney for the opinion letter. The adjuster can then share this letter with you to encourage […]


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